Fully Tourqued (Covendetta Reunion Show)

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Monsters Scare You


Fully Tourqued (Covendetta Reunion Show)FULLY TOURQUED (COVENDETTA REUNION SHOW)
Venue: The Shred Shed
Date: 10-25-2013
Time: 6:30 PM
Address: 60 E. Exchange Pl. Salt Lake City, UT Get Directions
Lineup: Monsters Scare You, Victory Heights, Lion I Am, and Covendetta
Cost: $10 (advance) Get Tickets

Every so often, a rare occasion will arise when a band we once knew comes back from the dead and reforms into something more than a memory. For over 3 years, Covendetta had worked their way to the top of Utah’s hardcore scene, but ultimately became the very cliche that all good things must come to an end. As one door shut, another was opened and each member chose their path onto better things.

On October 25th, for one night only, Covendetta‘s old members have agreed to reunite for a reunion show, joining their good friends from tour Monsters Scare You as they pass through Utah on their most recent voyage ‘Fully Tourqued’.

Since the show was first announced with Covendetta on the lineup, there has been a lot of excitement and some confusion as to what members will be playing. Although the band’s dismemberment was gradual, the six that have been adopted as the “original members” are James Belliston (keys/vocals), Justin Stanford (vocals), Chris Lyons (guitar), Ren Rigby (guitar), Darin Ferguson (bass), and Jimmy White (drums). Although the band has yet to release an official statement regarding their future plans, the reunion show will carry on with the “original” six. Merchandise will be available at the show.

Tickets are going fast! Due to venue capacity restrictions and the hype that’s already surrounding the event, it is very likely to sell out. Get your tickets now, or you could miss your last chance to see Covendetta play live in concert, October 25th at The Shred Shed in Salt Lake City, UT. Also, be sure to stick around for the night’s full lineup including touring bands Monsters Scare You, Victory Heights, and Lion I Am.

The Fashionably Late Tour

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Travis Garland

Venue: Club Sound
Date: 09-17-2013
Time: 6:00 PM
Address: 600 W. 200 S. Salt Lake City, UT Get Directions
Lineup: Travis Garland, Eddie Gomez, Kenz Hall, and James Belliston
Cost: $12 (advance) Get Tickets

You may remember Travis Garland as the former lead singer of 4-piece American boy band NLT. Since their official dismemberment in 2009, Travis has been working on his solo career as a pop/R&B singer, and is currently promoting his latest album ‘Fashionably Late Vol. II’. Tickets are now on sale for his upcoming west coast tour ‘The Fashionably Late Tour’ featuring Eddie Gomez, Kenz Hall, and James Belliston. Despite the tour name, don’t make the mistake of showing up fashionably late.

James Leaves I Capture Castle

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James Leaves I Capture Castle

After more than two years, I Capture Castle‘s keyboardist and vocalist James Belliston has announced that he will be leaving the band to pursue other things.

It’s been seven months since I Capture Castle first stepped into the studio and began working on their debut full length album ‘Day Dreamer’. Originally scheduled to be completed in early February, the record’s release date was postponed in order to restructure the band’s overall sound. After endless hours of writing, ten brand new songs were chosen to complete the album. With two tracks featuring screamer Marcus Gressman on clean vocals, along with guest vocalists Tyler Carter (of Issues) and Matt Wentworth (of Our Last Night), the band decided to discard any recordings that included James on vocals to avoid the inconsistency and confusion that may arise from having four singers. Here are a few unfinished, raw tracks that were cut from the album.

“It’s hard to walk away from something you love, but it was apparent that the band wanted to take their sound in a different direction. With all of the new backtracking on the album, it wouldn’t be logical for me to stay in the band as a stage prop. I’m just surprised with how things turned out and honestly exhausted from fighting it. I guess it was pretty important to me to be included on this album considering my history with Covendetta. Not to mention how frustrating it is to spend over two years as the singer for a band and have no original recordings to show for it; but hey, that’s just how things pan out. It seemed as though a majority of this transition was influenced by the producer since he believed I was ‘not a hardcore singer’, but I guess everyone’s entitled to their opinion. As for all of you that continue to support me and believe in my ability as a musician, I want to thank you. You are the reason I will never give up on making music. For the time being, I am shifting focus to my acoustic solo project and may return to the hardcore scene at a later time. As for the members in I Capture Castle, I wish them the best of luck.” – James Belliston